Welcome to the official site of the Native Village of Gakona!

Our Mission is to exercise self-determination for the benefits of the tribe to increase devices that will meet social, health, and community development needs with our community.
Our Vision for the community is to live health-conscious lifestyles.
Our Purpose is to work together in unity and faith for a better tomorrow… and for a strong people.

The Native Village of Gakona is located at the confluence of the Copper and Gakona Rivers in the Ahtna region of Alaska. Gakona means Rabbit River. The village lies at Mile 4.8 on the Tok Cutoff just east of the Richardson Highway. The NVG is a federally recognized Tribe, and the Gakona Village Council is the governing body for the village.

Tribal Enrollment Form:

Gakona’s Tribal Enrollment Form – Fillable

Job Application:

Gakona Job Application

2023 Native Village of Gakona Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plan

Our community has completed a public draft of the 2023 Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plan. Over past few months, we have worked with a consultant to assess risks posed by natural disasters and develop strategies to protect life and property in Gakona from future hazard events.

Hazards addressed in our plan include climate change, earthquake, erosion, flooding, permafrost thaw, severe weather, volcano, and wildfire.

Once our plan is finalized and approved by FEMA, our community will be eligible to apply for and receive certain types of nonemergency disaster assistance, including funding for mitigation projects identified in our plan.

A copy of our plan is available to review until November 25 and can be found upon request to Derrick Sinyon at gakonaec@gmail.com, or Jessica Evans at jessica.evans@aecom.com.