About Us

The Native Village of Gakona (NVG) is a Federally Recognized Tribe that exercises its sovereign authority to conduct the day to day business for it’s tribal members to promote the social, economic, and cultural well-being.

The NVG offers a variety of services to the community including tribal enrollment, Indian Child Welfare Association services, Indian General Assistance Program services, Tribal Response Program services, and a multipurpose facility for events.

Meet the Staff:

Charlene Nollner – Tribal Administrator/Bookkeeper

Lisa Nicolai – Family Services/Enrollment Clerk

Derrick Sinyon – Environmental Coordinator

Lishaw Lincoln – Environmental Assistant/After School Program

Lexus Martin – Program Coordinator, Tribal Court

Tribal Governance

Darin Gene – President

Christopher Gene – Vice President

Bradley Sinyon – Treasurer/Secretary

Linda Pete – Council Member

Robert Sequak – Council Member