What is IGAP?

In 1992, Congress passed the Indian Environmental General Assistance Program Act. This act authorized EPA to provide General Assistance Program (GAP) grants to federally recognized tribes and tribal consortia for planning, developing and establishing environmental protection programs in Indian country, and for developing and implementing solid and hazardous waste programs on tribal lands.

Youth Environmental Summit

This summer, Gakona Village celebrated their 11-year anniversary of the Youth Environmental Summit (YES). This event was developed by the Gakona Village Council and is a three-day hands-on learning event about environmental issues. Joining forces with over 20 different entities from across the state, Gakona Village has gained state and national recognition, including a nomination for “Honoring Nations” by The Harvard Project. Environmental staff were asked to present a session at the Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management on a model for how other communities might host their own summits.



We provide recycling for the tribal members here at the office and host recycling events around the community. We can also assist you in finding recycling in your community.

Summer Youth Program

We provide a summer program for village youth to learn about environmental issues such as erosion, river height and temperature and making jellies from the plants traditionally used by the Ahtna people along with many other fun activities.

After School Program

We provide an environmental after school program during the winter. Children eat healthy snack, do homework and then engage in an environmentally based activity.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

We will be preparing our Hazard Mitigation Plan with the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. A series of community meetings will take place to make the plan as relevant as possible. Eventually we will utilize this plan in an effort to secure emergency supplies with the ultimate goal of being self sustaining for at least two weeks in the event of an emergency.

LEO Network

LEO is a network of local observers and topic experts who share knowledge about unusual animal, environment, and weather events. With LEO, you can connect with others in your community, share observations, raise awareness, and find answers about significant environmental events. you can also engage with topic experts in many different organizations and become part of a broader observer community.

We also specialize in Healthy Living, Indoor Air, Weatherization, ventilation, molds, “Green” cleaning, plastic research, climate change, global warming’s effect on Alaska specifically, erosion, subsistence practices, and many other environmental topics. Feel free to call with any questions.

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