NVG has a Tribal Response Program (TRP) dedicated to identifying Brownfield sites. Our TRP is committed to  Gakona, Mentasta and everything in between totaling 346,793 acres.

What is a Brownfield?

Brownfields are contaminated sites which could be targeted for cleanup and redevelopment. According to the EPA, a Brownfield site is defined as a real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.

Examples of a Brownfield

  • Old or illegal dumps
  • Petroleum spills
  • Abandoned or idle structures with lead paint, asbestos, or other hazardous materials
  • Old fuel storage areas of former gas stations
  • Mine scarred lands

Do you know of any property that could be a Brownfield?

Call: 907.822.5777
Email: or
Come by the office: Ask for Brandie, Derrick, or just provide the information to any staff member.
Or fill out a Brownfield Environmental Site Assessment Request Form and return to the NVG Office.
Click link to download the NVG Brownfield ESA Request Form


***Our Brownfields program is not meant for spill responses***
If you would like to report a spill, please contact AK Spill Response
Central Alaska: (907) 269-3063
Outside of business hours: (800) 478-9300
Spill Reporting Placard
Spill Notification Form


Native Village of Gakona’s Public Record
(All Mile Post Numbers are on Tok Cutoff Highway)

Mile 4.7 Heinz Site
Mile 59 BLM Fire Lookout
Mile 67 Burnt Trailer
Mile 76.5 Mable Creek Pit

Other Public Record Sites
(All mile post numbers are on Tok Cutoff Highway)

Mile 11.3 High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
Mile 60 ADOT&PF Slana Maintenance Station
Mile 60 ADOT&PF Slana Maintenance Station Class V Injection Well
Mile 62.7 Duffy’s Roadhouse 1993-1997
Mile 62.7 Duffy’s Roadhouse 2009-2014
Mile 64.8 FAA Slana Station
Mile 78.1 Mentasta Lodge
Mentasta Village Clinic – Mentasta Lake
Mentasta School – 6 miles off the Tok cutoff, 38 miles south of Tok Junction
Mentasta Traditional Council Building – 6 Mile Mentasta Lake Road; NE of Intersection with Second Street, Mentasta Lake


Brandie Radigan
Environmental Coordinator

Derrick Sinyon
Environmental Assistant